sometimes we will forget our manners easily.
therefore, we will do something bad unconciously.

i do remember there's a teacher told in our class.
be ware of your manners!
yes, there's no doubt.
the class are not a good and well behaviored class.
the class like to do tricks all the time.
teachers aren't happy with this.
so do I.
i am not that kind of person.
i don't follow them,
but i 'm still one of the class.

nowadays, i am a teacher of many students.
i always mentioned on their manners and their behaviors.
some may not smart or good on studying.
but their behaviors are good and they try to work hard.

some are smart but their behaviors are not good enough to me.
no matter what, teaching is not only teaching to me.
it's education.
education is very important to everyone.
this society is so crazy,
maybe the reasons is the education system is sick.


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